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Women's Services & Resources

About Us

We are excited to announce Women’s Services & Resources as an information and referral network for students, staff, and faculty. We address women’s issues in a positive, proactive way. We collaborate with other BYUH offices and departments, as well as the community, to best serve both the women and men at BYUH. Our services, events, and educational programs are being developed to help meet the needs and to enhance our student’s college experience and their preparation for the future.

Our Mission

To provide female students at BYU–Hawaii with services and resources that support their intellectual ambitions, aid in their physical health and well-being, promote positive social opportunities, and bolster spiritual commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We Value

Compassion: We will provide services in a spirit of compassion, hope, and understanding.

Integrity: Our actions and words will demonstrate integrity, authenticity, and strong moral principles.

Respect: We will respect all with whom we come in contact and value the opinions and perspectives of others.

Trust: We will be dependable, loyal, and genuinely committed to those we serve, the university, and the community.