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Women's Services & Resources
1000+ Hours
spent consulting with students
175+ Events
since opening in Spring 2022

Hear Testimonials From Students


Women's Services doesn't just advocate for women, they advocate for humanity. Everything they do is done in selflessness, which is an admirable quality because it takes a lifetime to develop. I hope to be like the WSR department someday; to live a life so aware of the spirit having no doubts about even the inconvenient tasks God needs me to do.

The WSR organization is so incredibly vital at such a raw moment as this on the campus. I will continue to advocate for everything your department has to offer in order to build the community of support and healing needed here on campus.


"Before learning about WSR, I didn't really feel a connection with the school or community. Since then I am more involved in the community and developed a love for the school. Being pregnant and now a mother, WSR has given me a new outlook and ways to succeed during my time here in Hawaii."


"[WSR] gives everyone a place where they can have safe conversations about things that they need."

"It takes the shame away from learning and helps us be connected as a campus."